What you will receive is finest dark punk, that will stir the inveterate Deathrocker’s heart. Dirty, dark, provocative… That’s how the Gruftschlampen act in their lyrics, which simply express, what a lot of people keep in their minds. Here everything is outspoken. The whole gets perfected by aimed minimal-synth-sounds as well as melodic, swirling and raw guitars, that put your teeth on the edge.


01. Der Winter kehrt zurück
02. Raben
03. Raben (Ravens versus Squeezed Cats)
04. Kalt (Tape Version)
05. Shakin‘ the coffin (Tape Disaster Mix)
06. Predigt (Blechschädel Mix)
07. Schwarz (Cabo de Gata Mix)
08. Ewiges Eis / Wir erinnern uns nicht mehr (Demo Version)

released March 8, 2013